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About SLK Media

SLK Media is a collection of side projects, blogs, and apps focusing on technology, entertainment, and the pain points we’ve experienced on the internet. The founders of SLK Media: Sunny Singh, Kyle McDonald, and Leon Hitchens, have worked in marketing, design, and development roles with a combined knowledge of 30 years. With topics ranging from gadgets, web development, and music, SLK Media connects with some of the most influential and creative people in each respective industry.

Ninjality builds open source tools and useful sites. They’ve built and designed websites for dozens of clients and launched tools that help developers, marketers, and business professionals work swiftly.
Digital Bounds
Our longest running project with over thousands of monthly readers and hundreds of engaged commenters. With a mix of affiliate marketing and programmatic advertising, we’ve stayed independent. The staff of Digital Bounds attends industry events such as CES, SXSW, and Google I/O.
Brand Search
Brand Search is an open source project developed and designed by the Ninjality team. The site is a curated collection of brands colors, SVG logos, and other brand assets. It’s a perfect tool for marketers, journalist, and the brands wanting to easily build a brand style guide.
Gadget Smart
Bite-sized gadget reviews and news through a podcast and weekly newsletter. Everyone doesn’t have time to read a long-form review, nor do they have time for an hour long podcast. Each podcast episode is a condensed review with everything you need to know. The weekly newsletter recaps each episode with updates on products or new developments in news.
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The strong relationship with our readers, listeners, and viewers offers a unique opportunity for advertisers. Our independence gives us the unique opportunity to work with the brands from a wide range of backgrounds. We’ve helped advertisers increase clicks, sales, and engagement.

We’re committed to helping each advertiser reach and go beyond their goals. Contact us to find out how we can help.